ICONick Name Service
Secure Distributed Easy
ICONick is a convenient 'ID' used in the ICON network.
Use your own unique nickname to replace the long and complicated hexadecimal address to conveniently transfer ICX.
There are {{counter}} ICON domain name has been reserved.

Reserve your desired “.icon” domain and be the first to get notified.



ICONick Name Service (INS) is a blockchain name service that offers a decentralized & secured way to map resources on blockchain with easy & human-readable names.

No more Addresses

With INS, users are able to send/receive ICX with 'yourname.icon' instead of

Visit your ÐWeb

With INS, web builder may connect their IPFS-hosted site at 'yourwebsite.icon'

Connect your Contract

With INS, developers may bind their smart contracts to 'mycontract.icon'

ICONick is secure, robust, & decentralized

INS is deployed and built with smart contract on the ICON blockchain, meaning it is not affected by the insecurity of the centralized DNS system.

  • Secure
  • Open source
  • Runs on ICON blockchain

Powerful services for ICONick applications

Portal Network has created numerous tools for ICONick name service.

  • INS Explorer Coming soon
  • INS Resolver Coming soon
  • Marketplace Coming soon

Build your DWeb on ICONick.

Build a decentralized website, host it on IPFS and connect it to ICONick. Now, you may visit your DWeb at 'yourwebsite.icon'.

  • Web Builder
  • Browser Extension